VN Recruitment’s Tips for Keeping Your Beloved Pets Safe and Happy this Bonfire Night!

Bonfire Night…

…a phrase we associate with getting wrapped up warm, venturing out into the dark, drinking mulled wine and hot soup and watching fabulous firework displays by a roaring bonfire. It’s a wonderful time of year for us – but what about for our pets? Nearly 50% of domestic pets in the UK show some signs of fear and distress when fireworks are let off, and it can be quite difficult to explain the concept of Guy Fawkes night to our furry companions. So, we compiled a list of our top tips for keeping your pets safe and happy this Bonfire Night!

Cats and Dogs

  • Close all your windows, curtains and doors securely to avoid your pet becoming frightened and escaping, and also to cover the sight and sounds of fireworks.
  • Create a safe, familiar space where your pet will feel comfortable, for them to sit quietly until the fireworks are over.
  • Walk your dog during daylight hours to avoid being out after dark, when the fireworks will be starting.
  • If your cat is the type to stay outside long after dark, consider keeping them inside for a few days.
  • Switch on the TV or radio to help cover the sound.

Small Animals

  • If you have rabbits or guinea pigs outside, consider bringing their hutches indoors for a few hours on an evening to protect them from the loud noises and bright lights.
  • If you cannot bring them indoors, provide plenty of extra bedding for them to burrow and hide in.
  • Cover their hutch with a large, thick blanket to help mask some of the noise as well as the sight of the fireworks. However, it is important to leave at least one side uncovered so they can still see outside as normal, and for ventilation purposes.


  • Stable your horses well before dark. Trying to catch a spooked horse in a dark field could be tricky!
  • If you can, leave on the lights and/or radio in the stables to help drown out the lights and noises of the fireworks.
  • Give your horse something extra to keep them occupied in the stable – try some extra hay, a treat toy, a salt lick or other stable toys.
  • If your horse lives outside, make it your responsibility to contact local fireworks display to advise them that there will be horses in the local fields, and ask them to be considerate of this.

We hope these tips and pointers can help you to keep your pets safe and happy, so you can wrap up warm and enjoy the show!