Candidates – Why Work With Us?

Who are we?

We are, you guessed it, VN Recruitment! Founded by the lovely Laura in 2015, as she wanted to create a bespoke company that offered a more friendly, honest and approachable service than she felt was available in the market at the time.
After a few years of growing a strong base of clients and candidates, Laura decided it was time to start thinking about building her own team. And so, Helen and Manda arrived in 2018! Both from backgrounds in recruitment, Helen and Manda both share Laura’s values in working in a way that is completely care-driven, rather than sales-driven. In 2019, Anthony joined our team as the perfect final piece of the puzzle. Anthony, from a strong background in sales management, is a long-term friend of Laura’s who has accompanied us to many congresses over the years and has always been a great supporter of the business. We also have the support of Amy, who helps us on a part-time basis with admin, and of course our office mascots – Archie and Annie, the adorable cocker spaniels!

Why work with us?

At VN Recruitment, we pride ourselves on offering a completely unique service for the veterinary recruitment industry. You can trust that anything you share with us will be in complete and utter confidence – your CV will never be sent anywhere without your express permission, and no one will hear it from us that you might be considering looking for a new position. We absolutely love getting to know the wonderful people we work with on a personal level, as we understand that a good personality fit in a new role is just as important as the other, more technical aspects of the job. We are proud to say that we have become really good friends with a lot of the people we work with, and have remained friends with those we worked with long ago! We love to stay in touch on social media, whether we follow one another on Instagram or are Facebook friends, or communicate via Whatsapp, we feel it takes the formal edge away from looking for a new job – a friendly, relaxed chat is much more our style!

How to get started?

If you’re considering looking for a new position, be it permanent or locum, for Vets or RVNs, it’s very simple – just get in touch, however is easiest for you, and we can get the ball rolling from there. You can send us a message on our Facebook page, chat to us using our instant messaging on our website, email us directly or just give us a call at the office. We each look after a different region of the UK, so all we need to know is what your name is and where you are based, and we will put you in touch with the person who specialises in your local area. We can offer you impartial advice, explain how the job market is looking at the moment, explain how you can transition from permanent to locum and vice versa, things to consider when doing so… and it won’t cost you a penny. Our service to candidates is absolutely free!

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We can’t wait to hear from you! :)