Who are we?

We are VN Recruitment – Laura, Helen, Manda and Anthony! Between us, we cover the whole of the UK, meaning that wherever you are based in the country, you will be working with a dedicated consultant who has extensive knowledge of the industry in your area.

Laura, who founded VN Recruitment back in 2015 and has always been at the heart of the operation, covers the south-west of England as well as the south-central belt. Helen, who joined the team in 2018, is responsible for the south-east and the eastern counties, as well as London. Manda joined VN Recruitment at the same time, and she covers the north-west, the north-east, Yorkshire, and bonny Scotland. The final piece of the puzzle fell in to place earlier this year, when Anthony became part of the team – and he is responsible for the Midlands and Wales.

Why work with us?

First of all – we’re different to other agencies. And we’re not just saying that! Our key motivator is making the best possible placements for both our clients and our candidates. We aren’t just going to push candidates in to the first role we find; equally, we aren’t going to send you, as the client, any old candidate who is interested in a position. We speak in detail to everyone that applies with us – to find out more about them, and what they’re looking for in a role, and if they are the right personality fit for your team. We ask everyone to fill out a skills matrix, so that both we and you will know a candidate’s levels of confidence in different areas. Overall, we make sure that the match works well for both sides. Ultimately, we want you to think: “this is going to be really promising” when you receive an email from us with an application from a candidate, because you know we will have done all the leg work to make sure we’ve found you someone really great.

We work with a vast network of nurses and vets, on both a locum or permanent basis – so whatever your requirement, we can help. We’re also able to help you recruit for other positions within practice – receptionists, care assistants, Practice Managers – whatever you need, you can discuss it with us so that we can find out exactly what you’re looking for, and then we can speak to our extensive database (as well as advertising for the role on a number of different platforms), to try and find you the best possible candidate.

It’s really important for us to build strong, long-term working relationships with all of our clients. We’d love to come and visit your practice and meet your team, to find out more about your specific workplace – not only is it super valuable to put a face to a name, but it’s also really useful for us to describe a role effectively when we’ve actually seen your clinic! Recently, various members of the team have travelled across the country to visit clients in London, Surrey, Bristol, Birmingham, Yorkshire, Liverpool, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Finally – our service is totally free of charge, unless you end up hiring one of our candidates. And even then, we are proud to have some of the lowest rates in the market – as we’re motivated by making the best placements rather than the most money.

We’d love to work with you! Please do get in touch if you’d like to discuss any requirements you have, or if you’d like to talk about furthering a working relationship with VN Recruitment.

01904 471400 info@vnrecruitment.co.uk

Laura: laura@vnrecruitment.co.uk

Helen: helen@vnrecruitment.co.uk

Manda: manda@vnrecruitment.co.uk

Anthony: anthony@vnrecruitment.co.uk