As we all know, yesterday was ‘Freedom Day’ across England. With this comes a multitude of consequences from the change in legislations, including changes in mask wearing regulations. A variety of establishments have decided to stick to what we now know as ‘normal’ (wearing masks and social distancing etc) including a lot of veterinary practices. We think it is amazing that staff safety is being highly prioritised (especially when there is often at least a couple of younger not yet double vaccinated people in the practice). Although choice is fair – safety has to come first. We are making the choice to wear our masks still (especially our fancy leopard print ones) to keep everyone protected & comfy.

At the Vets, it is vital that everyone feels safe, both human and animal. We hope that everyone is feeling secure & their wishes respected in their place of work, but if this is not the case let us do something about it and find you somewhere where you are truly listened to.

With the rules on isolating still the same, the knock-on effects across the industry are still in full force. With members of teams isolating, you will often find lovely locums helping to cover workload. If you are a locum, staying safe across teams is a priority, so you must feel comfortable and supported by your temporary family.

These difficulties are going to carry on for a while – low staff numbers, finding locum cover, keeping social distancing/masks if desired and the ongoing fear of the pandemic creeping. However, these problems can be made a whole lot easier – which is where we come in.

We are here to help find permanent replacements, help with locum requirements and make sure you are supported to find a safe, happy workplace where your opinions feel respected.

We want everyone to feel as comfortable in their workplace as we do, pandemic or not.

For more information about how we can help you to find your happy place, we are at the end of a phone from 8am – 5:30pm Monday – Friday, as well as by email. We would really love to have a natter & make a positive impact!

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