After a long wait for some, OSCE’s are super close! After such a tumultuous year, we’re sure a lot of you are ready and raring to go in this fantastic industry and make a difference to many human and animal lives.

We wanted to wish you all the luck in the world – as we know the pre-exam jitters all too well, we’ve all been there in one way, shape or form…

Our top tips for exam prep are:

  1. Rest and relax! Try and take time for you to shut off and process your revision.
  2. Study at sensible times, with good breaks.
  3. Drink, eat and sleep well. Nourish your body and brain!
  4. Preparation is key – but don’t burn yourself out.
  5. Create yourself a timetable and stick to it where possible – don’t over do it.
  6. Believe in yourself and your passion – you’re working hard for a reason and deserve success!

After the exams are over anxiety can still be high – awaiting results, pondering the next step, dreaming about your first role… Which is where we at VN Recruitment can come in and help!

If you’re wondering what your options are post OSCE’s we can talk you through it and help you find your dream post qualifying job. Qualifying is one of the proudest moments you will have and we want to help you succeed and enjoy this time.

For more information about how we work and finding your perfect first post qualifying role contact us:

01904 471 400

Good luck & best wishes,

The VNR team xxx