Walking to work on a grey, drizzly Monday morning we all had 2 topics on our minds: International Women’s Day and Not One More Vet, both of which are very close to all our hearts in the VN Recruitment office.

As an office full of women, we are super proud this day exists to remind each other (and ourselves) how powerful we are and how much we can thrive. We love our work environment and are great friends out of work – we feel very strongly about women empowering women! With this being said, we know there is a fair way to go to reach equality and remove stigmas and stereotypes from society, but each day we work hard to prove that we at VN Recruitment, (currently!) all women, are as powerful, reliable and hardworking as any other team. As well as this, we work with loads of AMAZING women (from candidates to clients to other people in our office building) and are super proud to do so. We also really appreciate the men in our lives who treat us as equals and support us.

From empowering women to empowering one of our most loved professions – Veterinarians. As we are sure you will have seen, there is a movement appearing on social media called Not One More Vet (#NotOneMoreVet #NOMV), which has been created by a community under the same name to try and overcome this very difficult issue – 1 in 6 Vets have considered suicide, therefore having one of the highest suicide rates of any profession. We work with so many veterinary professionals & have so many veterinary friends, making this figure very upsetting and real to us. We work really hard at VN Recruitment to try help Veterinarians to find a role that is perfect for them, where they are supported, loved and appreciated for their undeniable hard work and dedication.

If you’re a Vet and you’re struggling, you can join their community and access their helpline to receive help and support. The veterinary industry can be the most rewarding but also the most demanding, difficult and exhausting profession to be in. You are dealing with your client’s most beloved animals, part of their families, and sometimes having to make impossible decisions. Having the right support in and out of work is vital and we work hard to make sure you are always supported every step of the way in finding a new, exciting role where you can achieve your goals & have the support necessary to do what you do best – care!

If you are struggling, here are a few links to access support:

Not One More Vet – Home (nomv.org)

Samaritans | Every life lost to suicide is a tragedy | Here to listen

Home | Mind

Mental Health UK – Forward Together (mentalhealth-uk.org)

There is always someone to talk to – whether it’s a friend, family, partner, work colleague, boss or medical professional. You are not alone, ever. Reach out and get the help and support you deserve and need.

On this important day we are celebrating all women and everyone in the veterinary profession – now more than ever we want to give everyone a big hug and say thank you for all your hard work, dedication and the care you give daily to our furry family members.

All our love & support,

The VN Recruitment girls xxxx