As an all-female team, yesterday was an important day – International Women’s Day!

We love our team, and don’t particularly think about the fact that we are all women too often! It’s just who we are, and it is never questioned in our workplace. We are all comfortable within our working environment and celebrate each other’s achievements. We all support each other and help each other thrive – we are very lucky & appreciative of this.

Between us, we speak to a lot of different people within our industry each and every day. A vast majority of our conversations are with women, as the veterinary industry is booming with talented, strong women. As quoted by BVA, women make up “60% of practising vets and 80% or vet students” (2019). This is an extraordinary change compared to 1956, where only 387 women were on the RCVS register. This change was highlighted by the #StandingOnHerShoulders campaign – a celebration of 100 years of women being allowed on the RCVS register. The industry is forever growing and developing, with women becoming as powerful as men in a lot of instances. Obviously, there are still some underlying struggles for equality, but there is definitely movement in the right direction.

We, as women, are so proud to work in the industry we do and be allowed to speak to so many gifted, resilient, caring women (and men!) every day. We get to share experiences as we grow and see a lot of you flourish within an amazing industry.

Happy International Women’s Day, everyone!