Summer Heatwave 2018 – Protect Your Pet

This summer has been spectacular so far for us Brits! We’re certainly not used to such prolonged periods of heat. You should also remember that neither are your pets and therefore you should do as much as you can to protect your pet this summer.

Having spoken to some of the Veterinary Nurses and Surgeons we work with, they’ve told us many sad tales about pets they’ve treated as a direct result of exposure to the sun.

We found an article from the British Veterinary Association website which talks about the risks to pets in this soaring heat. For example, Vets have issued warnings that dogs in particular might find it difficult to stay cool. This is because they are unable to cool down quickly through sweating as humans do, which inevitably puts them at risk of overheating. As well as this, some of the new popular breeds such as the flat faced bulldogs we now see, already struggle to breathe. This has been well publicised in the press already, but add to that the soaring heat and it becomes a recipe for disaster.

You can read more about this story, along with advice from the BVA President John Fishwick over on the BVA website. However before you go, below are a few quick pointers that they’ve issued on their website…

  • Have a constant supply of water for your pets
  • Make sure pets aren’t trapped inside and are ventilated
  • Avoid high-sun times when walking your dog
  • Always provide shade
  • Look out for strange behaviour in your pet, it may be a sign of heatstroke
  • Never leave a pet in your car
  • Call a vet straight away if you have concerns about your pet
Protect Your Pet!