Great news for women in the veterinary workplace!

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons has been recognised as one of the best places for women to work, by the Great Place to Work Institute.

VN Recruitment boasts a strong team of three ladies, and as such we’re really happy to see that an organisation which is so important to both our clients and our candidates is a such a good place for women to work.

“Best Workplaces for Women” is a relatively recent initiative, which recognises the best places for women to work in the UK in 2018. RCVS placed in the top ten for “UK’s Best Workplaces for Women – medium category” (50 – 499 employees).

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The findings take in to account a number of factors, including a minimum of 25% of the workplace being women, and a minimum of 25% of senior roles being held by women, and pay parity between men and women. RCVS doesn’t just do the minimum in this respect; 60% of the Senior Team at RCVS are female, and the president is also a woman.

The rankings also take in to account the extent to which organisations “go beyond the statutory to ensure that women in their workforce are treated fairly when it comes to pay, recognition, training and promotion opportunities, and where they can take the time off they need to attend childcare or other family commitments”.

It is brilliant to know that RCVS is such a great workplace for women.

You can read about the reaction of RCVS president Amanda Boag here.

And you can read more about the rankings and the Great Place to Work Institute initiative itself here.