A question that certainly needs answering is “What makes you different to all the other veterinary recruitment agencies? Why would I work with VNR?”

To us, the answer is simple. Here are our reasons:

#1 – Our Approach

Our approach is truly one of a kind – with the underlying ethos of friendliness, honesty & understanding. We strive to be the most open communicators in the industry, making sure everyone is supported in the recruitment process, whilst also keeping confidentiality a priority. We love a natter and know how friendly the community is, which fully resonates with our own values. We are also fully understanding of your individual needs and situations within the industry – we all have friends who are Vets or RVNs, so we get it!

For us, it’s personal. We love what we do and hope our approach represents our passion for the industry.

#2 – We Mean Business

From the beginning through to the present, Laura has worked super hard to make her company differ in the industry. From our approach (see previous post) to the behind-the-scenes work – we strive to create a new dimension within the veterinary recruitment industry. We truly are specialists, all with different areas of expertise that complement each other to create a strong team foundation. As a business – we are efficient, effective & honest.

The main example of how we mean business is in our contacts – we work closely alongside all the big corporate companies as well as a vast number of independent practices, UK wide. We really do have something for everyone and through our expertise, experience & contacts we can make finding the perfect candidate or job role an easy experience for you. All our team are also really passionate about animal welfare & the veterinary industry, making the business mean something to us on a deeper level.

We really do mean business when we are in our office!

#3 – Relationship Building

We work really hard to make our relationships strong and honest. We all have individual areas of the country in which we expertise in, so we can build lasting relationships with our clients and really get to know them. This also works with candidates – you will always have one main point of contact within our team so that you know who you are working with and can build that reliable relationship. With this being said, we work fundamentally as a team, so we are all always in the loop with what’s going on!

Within our team, we are great friends, which also adds to the brilliance of VNR. We all love what we do, who we do it with and therefore love coming into work, making us even more passionate and determined to do our jobs to the highest standard.

As well as this, if you have great relationships with fellow RVNs and Vets & think they could benefit from working with us we have a wonderful referral scheme in place.

Relationships really do make the world go round and certainly make VNR a great veterinary recruitment company to work with.

Simple, right?

For any more information or to have a confidential chat with one of our friendly expertise in your area, call us on 01904 471 400 or drop us an email at team@vnrecruitment.co.uk

We are here, ready & waiting to help!