Hi everyone – happy Monday!

We’ve decided to start a new blog series called The VNR Diaries which will cover all manner of topics – Behind the Scenes in the office, what we’ve been up to, industry news, what our animals have been up to… whatever we fancy!

We’re doing this to be able to have a conversation & catch up with our followers every now and again, to keep you in the loop of all things VNR. As we’ve said time and time again… we love a natter. Get your brew at the ready.

So, where to start? What have we been up to?

Firstly, we have been LOVING this sunny weather (however, at the time of writing there is a thunderstorm in York). We are partial to a BBQ, a riverside walk & a trip to the ice cream boat that is for sure! That includes Mr Archie Buss, our trusty office dog & Laura’s fur baby… he loves a shady snooze after playing copious amounts of ball. Helen and Anna’s cats have also been enjoying a good sunbathe – the sunspots have definitely been found.

We’ve also been up to loads work wise, talking to some super lovely candidates & wonderful clients and making some perfect pairings, which is what we love to do. The past couple of weeks have included highlights such as a HVN placement in Surrey, a RVN placement in Sunderland and another RVN placement in Coventry, to name a few. We really do cover the length and breadth of the UK (and Vets too)!

Another thing we have been up to is getting the wheels in motion for BVNA – we are SO excited! We’ve started working on our goodie bag treats and trust us when we tell you, you will want to come visit our stall… did someone say brownies?

All in all – we are in good spirits! We have lots to look forward to and we are really enjoying working together as a team and celebrating our achievements as a group.

Enjoy your week!

All our love,

The VNR girls x