Although it is a grey Tuesday in York, we are trying to breathe positivity into our office today.

We’ve been having discussions recently about the idea of positivity and how to stay that way, especially in such unknown times that have been carrying on for what seems like forever. How do you keep up the optimistic mentality?

Some elements are obvious – eating well, sleeping well, exercising… but when you are not feeling great, these things can feel impossible.

So, what have we done to boost our moods this week?

Helen has taken a couple days off this week to see her best friend that she has not seen since before the pandemic. After such a long time, being reunited feels so good and is a definite boost. Especially when you can do fun things together!

Laura has been working on renovating and decorating her house (and spending a lot of time looking at Pinterest). We are having a pizza night in her lovely new living room this week… before the sofa arrives so camping chairs it is! After the MANY tip runs, attempting to get a sofa out of a window and quite a few deliveries, progress is being made and we can’t wait for a celebratory pizza night to enjoy the smell of fresh paint. We are super excited for her fresh start!

Anna is looking forward to visiting family and friends this weekend – however lovely York is it is nice to escape sometimes! A change of scenery can be the biggest mood lifter, especially when you can go on a road trip and sing the Rocketman playlist at the top of your voice.

What have you done recently to keep yourself feeling positive?