In the VNR office, we have been loving the sunny weather! Nothing beats a beer garden after work on a long, hot summers day… unless it is your day off and you can go to the beer garden earlier than 5pm! It is 5pm somewhere, right?

… Right?

If beer gardens are not your thing, there are so many ways you can enjoy the sunshine. Go to the beach, go down to the river, sunbathe, have a BBQ, enjoy a walk with friends (but be careful with the four-legged fluffy kind), enjoy an ice cream/picnic date … the possibilities are endless. Everything really does shine brighter on sunny days.

We are fortunate to have ceiling-high windows covering an entire wall of our office, allowing the sunshine to flow in and sprinkle its ‘glitter’ over our desks in the day too. We for sure enjoy the Vitamin D boost! By the end of last week, we were feeling bright and positive, securing 3 perfect placements within a couple of hours on Friday. We love that recruitment buzz that overtakes the office, adding to the spring in our summery step, especially when both candidate and client are so thrilled too.

We’ve managed to do loads of lovely things in the heatwave out of work this last weekend, including bike rides with friends, playing tennis, attending a wedding, eating a BBQ or two and enjoying a warm afternoon nap. Archie especially enjoyed the nap-based part.

As the sun fades, the storm is imminent. But not to fear – there is another one on its way in August apparently! *Gets more sun cream ordered immediately*

Every year the sun surprises us, reminding us of brighter times ahead. Although winter too has its perks (do we even have to say the C word – under 5 months to go!), summer is lighter and brighter in many ways. Especially after being locked down for so long.

Are you a sun worshipper or a snow dreamer?