How is it August? Let alone the 9th of August?! Time really does fly and in a blink of an eye summer will be over. We’ve been trying our hardest to embrace the good old British summer – thunderstorms and all! Anyone else’s bag has both sun cream and an umbrella in?

After a week and a half isolating, we are all back in the office after working from home and super grateful to be back together. Archie has cried with excitement on and off all morning, in between cuddles. During isolation Laura has painted her living room, Helen has spent her time chilling with the cats & Anna has been trying to crack through her never-ending list of Disney films she still needs to watch.

As Autumn begins to peak through, it means one thing – BVNA is coming! Who will we be seeing there? We are SO excited to see as many of you as possible and our infamous brownies will be back, along with a variety of other freebies that we are very happy about. It really is a highlight of our year for so many reasons and after missing it last year we are as excited as Archie was to see Helen & Anna this morning. Eeeeek!

We are coming down to BVNA slightly early to do something very exciting – we are going out on a hack in the Shropshire Hills. We are all ex horse riders but all haven’t ridden for around 5 years… if you see us waddling around at BVNA, you know why… and feel free to have a good laugh at us & call us out on it.

Apart from BVNA, we all have a few things coming up in the diary and we are excited for what the rest of the year brings.

Only 138 days until Christmas… haha! *cries in despair*

All our love,

The VNR Girls x