Here it is… the week we’ve all been waiting for… BVNA WEEK!

There is so much going on in the VNR office this week in preparation for the BVNA Congress 2021 – the goodie bags have overtaken our office! Along with that side of prep, we are also getting our giveaways & prizes sorted, including a few fun surprises… not that the brownies will come as a surprise (but they sure are tasty). As we’ve said many times, we cannot wait for this weekend to meet lots of you and explain to you how we can help you to find your dream role in this amazing industry. Bring on the freebies! Have a look at our Instagram (@vnrecruitment) for some Behind the Scenes fun, too.

This weekend also brings a few other celebrations – it is Anna’s company birthday on the 1st, she will have been with VNR for two years which have flown by in the blink of an eye and BVNA is the perfect way to celebrate this. It also happens to be World Vegetarian Day on Friday, which is super relevant to the industry and ties in brilliantly with the congress theme of sustainability. We’ve decided we will celebrate both events by having a tasty dinner out pre BVNA madness over the weekend – we’re always open to suggestions around the Bridgnorth/Telford area if anyone has any ideas of amazing veggie places to eat?

Whilst we are at the congress, it is also World Animal Day on the 4th and there is no better way to enjoy that than being surrounded by the amazing people who work in the veterinary industry. We all have the same end goal – incredible care for animals! The 4th also happens to be the last day of BVNA so we will be returning home to our beloved pets to catch up on a weekend’s worth of cuddles. They will be treated like royalty in our absence, but there is nothing better than coming home to our best furry friends.

With all this fun happening and so much to celebrate, we cannot wait for this weekend. Bring on the fun, the brownies, the celebrations, the opportunities we have for you & our giveaways/surprises.


See you there?

The VNR team x