In such unprecedented times, the veterinary industry is really pulling together to try and provide the necessary care for their clients and patients. We are so proud to work in an industry where everyone is so caring and hardworking, determined to work in the best way possible in such an uncertain time. It is difficult to cover all aspects of what is going on at the moment as it all changes so quickly – but here is where we are as this blog post is being written…

In the terms of the industry and how it’s working, the RCVS & BVA are working hard to provide up to date information on how practices and their employees should work. Obviously, it is difficult to answer every single question people may have, but they are really trying their best to keep on top of this. They have received clarification from the powers that be about what is possible or not moving forwards and are working hard to keep everyone updated across their social media’s and their websites.

We have seen a lot of posts from the practices we work with regarding the precautions they’re taking to keep their staff and clients safe, whilst still providing the work necessary for animals in need. Examples of this include:

  • Passing animals over in car parks instead of people entering the surgery
  • Only providing emergency care, therefore limiting contact with other humans
  • Taking payments over the phone (thus reducing contact time with others)
  • Offering postage for necessary medicines and food (flea and worming etc)

We are so proud of everyone still working efficiently and to the upmost levels of care, to keep our precious fur babies happy & healthy, whilst also reducing risk to every person involved. It’s taking a lot of hard work & dedication, and we can only thank you for all you do, in general and COVID-19 specifically!

In other news, the country is also pulling together to provide more hospital spaces for those affected by the Coronavirus. The ExCeL Centre (which is used for London Vet Show) is being turned into a temporary hospital (the ‘Nightingale Hospital’) to help provide care for those in need. As the London Vet Show isn’t until November, it has not been decided yet as to whether this will still go ahead or whether it will move location or stay as is. Within their press releases, the London Vet Show have discussed what action they’re taking to hopefully still be able to provide this fantastic event.

We wanted to take a moment to whole-heartedly thank everyone in the veterinary industry who are working so resiliently to provide the immediate care necessary for the nations pets, whilst also taking precautions required to keep themselves safe. We are super thankful to be able to work with such compassionate, determined and lovely people every day.

If we can do anything to help your surgery through these unknown times, or if you need assistance as an RVN or a Vet please do get in touch with us. We are working from home to reduce risk and be as accessible to those who need us. Give us a call on 01904 471 400 if we can help you help your clients!

Lots of love, the VNR team xxx

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