Did you know that May is Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month?

This month was initially created by the BVNA (British Veterinary Nursing Association) who are the governing body for Veterinary Nurses across the UK. The aim of this fantastic dedication to VNs is to teach others who veterinary nurses are and what they do within surgery.

No surgery or group would ever run smoothly without RVNs (Registered Veterinary Nurses) and there is a huge amount that clients and also many colleagues do not see behind the scenes. This includes a large and busy work load, regular stressful situations, a huge amount of thinking on their feet, nerves of steel and regularly a crazy amount of patience! Whilst also being professional carers for those in real need on a day to day basis!

We have the pleasure of working with VNs closely everyday and as a result we can really appreciate how incredible all VNs are. We LOVE our RVNs/ VNs/ QVNs and SVNs!

Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month - VN Recruitment