As we reach a difficult time globally, we’d like to encourage some positivity by letting you all know that we are very much still working and keeping going. We’re as busy as ever – and happy as ever to help!

This is an uncertain time for a lot of people, but we just wanted to make everyone aware that we are still open for business and carrying on as usual. Obviously, behind the scenes we are taking various precautions, but we are happily working away nevertheless.

As time goes on and the situation develops, we will keep you all updated on how we are doing but we are still at the end of the phone for candidates and clients to reach us and have a chat, and this will hopefully at no point change!

We love what we do, and we are trying our best to find ways to keep our working life as normal as possible. We are working hard as usual to help all of our lovely clients and candidates to find their perfect fit, as always.

If we can answer any queries you have regarding how we are working or what we can do to help you moving forward, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

All our love and healthy wishes, VN Recruitment xxxxx