The VN Recruitment team have mixed emotions today… World Kindness Day AND Friday the 13th?!

We are trying our best to turn this superstitious day into a positive by being our usual kind, positive selves. Although today is specifically about kindness across the world, we pride ourselves on being kind every day of the year. To each other, to our clients, to our candidates, to our furry friends… to everyone!

This year has been a rollercoaster and today is kind of a microcosm of that. To counteract the negativity of Friday 13th we have decided to play our favourite music, have chats to lovely candidates and clients (old and new), drink copious amounts of tea and crack on with our rewarding work.

On World Kindness Day we want to highlight and appreciate the hard work of everyone working in the veterinary industry this year. Every interaction we have had, personal or professional, with veterinary practices we have always been treated with kindness. We are so grateful for the commitment shown in this unusual time by the sector, persevering through the unknown and still providing the best care possible. That is why we are here, to reflect the kindness back, offer our support and work with you to find your perfect role or new fantastic addition to your team.

If you’re having the Friday 13th blues we are here – lets spread kindness today and every day!

Just try to avoid walking under ladders, breaking mirrors and opening umbrellas inside, at least for today! We are not in any way against black cats, though. They’re our friends!